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There’s No Place Like Home!

I was discharged from hospital on Thursday morning with all the medication I required and was very pleased to be going home! They had looked after me really well but I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s no place like home, especially if you’re feeling a bit under par.

I felt really tired once I got home. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get into my own bed. Tina from the  support team at NOSC phoned to see how I was doing and said that  to feel so tired is normal and that I should make sure I get plenty of rest…. well I can certainly do that!

On Friday I started the NOSC post-op eating plan. I did find it a bit strange at first eating such small portions and not feeling in the least bit hungry. It’s almost unbelievable! I think it will take a while to get used to but the team at NOSC will help with that. I know that it’s important to stay well hydrated so I’ve been trying to make sure that I  drink plenty of water, at least a small glass every hour. So……I am getting some exercise as I am up and down running to the loo!

Saturday and Sunday found me getting to grips with the post op diet. I find writing down what I’ve eaten  very helpful. My stomach is still quite sore, I’d say tender rather than painful. I have found that going for a couple of short walks a day and getting some fresh air has made me feel a bit better.

Today, six days after the operation. I am still a little tender but able to sleep well. NOSC support phoned me again today and told me I was doing really well and definitely on the right track. So, I decided to weigh myself for the first time. I couldn’t believe my eyes! – I have lost 16 pounds! 16 whole pounds!  I know that everyone at NOSC told me that this would happen but I don’t think I really believed them. Seeing is believing. The best part is knowing that this 16 pounds has gone forever this time, never, ever to return.


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