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Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s back to work I go!

I went back to work in the salon this weekend. Thank goodness!

I’ve watched so many murder shows that I’m now  convinced I’m in the wrong job and that I should become the UK’s first hairdressing detective.

My first day was really hard, I have to admit I was exhausted by the end of the session but I really did enjoy it. Although my body was a little tired it did wonders for my brain! I even got through the day without anybody spotting my lovely surgical stockings. It was great to catch up with everybody, I felt almost human again! They all commented on my weight loss (which by the way is now up to 21 pounds! 😊). What a boost!  Their comments made me feel great and I feel really proud of myself. I have to admit that when I got home I collapsed on the settee, absolutely shattered.  I spoke to Tina at NOSC support and she assured me I was doing really well and this was completely normal. I was fine after a good (very long) night’s sleep.

Actually, it made me realise something. I’m new to all of this. I don’t know what to expect and I don’t know if what I feel or experience is “normal”. Being able to speak to NOSC support really helps. When they told me that the support you receive is vital, I didn’t really believe them but now I know….it’s SO true. They have years of experience and training behind them and I know that  I can call and talk to somebody if anything is worrying me and that really makes a difference.

I reached another milestone this week, I  had my staples removed. I can’t say it didn’t hurt a bit,  it did, but actually, it’s more that it is such a very strange feeling. Once they were out the first thing I did was have a long soak in the bath……absolute heaven! Yes, NOSC confirmed that I COULD have bubbles……it really is the small things……….


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