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Little and Often!

Last week I got a bit carried away with work, staples and the glamorous surgical stockings. I completely forgot to mention my new eating regime!

I have been having about 3 quarters of a weetabix made very milky for my breakfast. I did try a full one one but unbelievable as it seems, it was too much! Mid-morning, I’ve been having a small fromage frais and for lunch it’s either a small glass of  home made smoothie (banana, kiwi or strawberry with a splash of skimmed milk) or a small cup of soup (also homemade). In fact I’m becoming a dab hand at these! 😊.  Mid-afternoon I’ve either had a small glass of milk or a couple of tablespoons of light rice pudding. At dinner time, I’ve been sitting with the family and I’ve tried a few different things – scrambled egg, a few tablespoons of cottage pie, tuna, a few tablespoons cottage cheese etc. I’ve  just made sure these are very well blended and the trick is to eat very slowly. If I wanted, I could have supper but my choice is a small cup of Horlicks Light made with water.

I have found that I don’t feel hungry at all but it is very easy to feel full! As advised, I make sure that I have my trusty bottle of water with me all the time. I have also managed to drink tea and coffee as normal, just much smaller volumes and not at meal times.

If someone had told me a few years ago that this is all I would be eating and I’d still be functioning properly, I would never have believed them.

I feel great!  I’m not hungry or sluggish and I don’t feel  deprived because I’m not hungry. If I’m being completely honest, feeling deprived of food was probably the thing I feared the most. It just hasn’t happened though, I feel completely satisfied with what I am eating and that constant need to look for food has gone.


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