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Time Flies!

Time really flies!  I can’t believe it’s almost five weeks since my operation.

Everything is getting back to normal now. My incisions are all nicely healed  and much to my children’s relief I have stopped complaining about wind! Actually, the gas was the most uncomfortable part of the whole process for me. They inflate the abdomen  during the operation so they can see what they are doing and it can be a little bit uncomfortable waiting for it to dissipate. Fortunately, Tina (NOSC Support Team) had the perfect solution. She told me to drink peppermint tea. It worked and now I am totally hooked!

So far  I have lost 27 1/2 pounds! That’s just eight onces less than two stone!  I am so pleased!

I have found the last couple of weeks a little hard in a way I that I hadn’t expected though. It’s almost like my head and my body are having a Mexican stand off. My brain is still telling me to go for  large portions and my stomach is saying no! It’s a strange feeling. If I was simply dieting,  then by now, I would have  definitely cheated and felt terrible afterwards. We all know how it goes, you diet, you get bored or fed up, you eat, you feel guilty and then you eat some more to make yourself feel better again. It’s a vicious cycle. I did it for years. Now that I’ve had my op, everything has changed. I’ve broken that cycle. Yes, my brain still wants to go for the large portion sometimes but now it’s under control, I have built in willpower with the sleeve and working with the support team is really helping me to retrain my brain and adopt new eating habits. It’s a whole new approach to food. I’m finding it easier everyday. I know that in a few more weeks my mind and body will  be in harmony and I probably won’t even think about it anymore. I’m told it takes around two months for new behavior to become automatic, around sixty-six days for your brain to forget your old habits and cravings,  so not long to go now, I’m almost there! 😊


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