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One for the ladies!

Well you all know about me dropping dress sizes but I failed to mention my bra size!

I think I tried to block it out and cling to my old bras for as long as possible, trying to put off the dreaded bra shop!        

Most women will relate to this, it has to be the most dreaded shopping trip on a ladies agenda, however, having dropped from a 38DD to a 36D in just two months,  this shopping trip couldn’t be put off any longer. It wasn’t as bad as expected actually, in fact, it was lovely to have more choice and not feel so embarrassed about my size. If I’m truthful, it was totally amazing!

Not only that…. I feel so different now. I have tons of energy and so much more confidence! I am LOVING the new me. I actually feel healthy and happy and unbelievably…. taller. How weird is that?

I’m only two months in and so pleased to  see all these positive changes already. I’m also happy to tell you that  I can start trying new foods now too.

I’ll  let you know how I get on next time.


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