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Food Glorious Food!

I promised you an update about my progress with food, so here goes…….

When I first started this diary I was on my pre-op diet which was really hard at first. I had shakes and no food for two whole weeks. I could have chosen one of the other options but the shakes seemed to suit my lifestyle best.  As I said at the time, I didn’t think I would get through it, but I surprised myself because I did and it got easier as I went along. After my surgery,  I moved onto liquids and pureed food for a while. Two months in,  I am now trying new things.

It’s  all trial and error at the moment and I’m finding that there are certain things that I can’t manage. My usual day starts with  scrambled egg, porridge or weetabix for breakfast. I even  had  an omelette one day!  NOSC say that I can now  have half a piece of brown toast with no crust so I tried it with  scrambled  egg.  I felt quite uncomfortable so I haven’t eaten toast since. I think I’m just not ready yet, maybe it was a little too early.

For lunch I have soup or tuna on cracker bread. It’s tasty and  easy to eat at work.

I’ve tried lots of things for dinner. As advised by the support team, I use a side plate and always put a small amount of protein, carbs and vegetables on there. I have something like fish, ham or chicken, a small portion of potato and a small portion of vegetables or beans.

I know this might sound like quite a lot,  and to be honest I don’t very often manage to eat it all but I just feel more normal with it on my plate, especially when I’m with my family.  My trick is to eat the protein first, then the veg and then I almost never have enough room for the carbs. I always put very small amounts on my plate though as otherwise I become over faced.

As I said, it’s all trial and error but I’m learning  fast. This is not only about the food I choose but also about the quantity I put on my plate.

If I’m ever not sure about what I’m eating, or if I want to try something new, I phone Tina at NOSC first just to check. It’s  good job they are still there to talk to at dinner time!

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