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Life is fantastic, I’m not invisible anymore!

I am still doing well and have lost over two and a half stone now! The difference this weight loss has made to my life is fantastic.

I’m enjoying having a social life and  really enjoying making plans. When I think about all the things I put off doing  because of the extra pounds I was carrying around I feel so silly for waiting so long!  Everything was a struggle.

One of the things I’ve noticed that has really shocked me is how other people treat me differently now I am a “normal weight. ” I thought maybe it was just me being over sensitive  but I’ve spoken to other people about this and it’s true! People do look at you and treat you differently when you are overweight. How a person can be  more than fifteen stones and  invisible is beyond me, but that is exactly what happens. Poor attitudes and poor service , both are  very common experiences for overweight or obese people. I have been embarrassed  by both in shops and restaurants myself, many times! I can’t believe how different I feel when I’m out and about now.

One of the best things about this op is that I have tons more energy now. I went out shopping on Saturday and parked the car in the multistory car-park. I do always try and walk down the stairs but when we got back at the end of the day the lift was broken ! I walked up four flights of stairs without stopping halfway! Now don’t get me wrong,  I didn’t run up them but it was so nice to get to the top without thinking I was going to have a cardiac arrest or being so out of breath that it hurts!

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