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The future is bright!

Well here we are, eleven weeks on.  How fast has that gone?

It’s very strange. Although I’ve got the marks to prove I’ve had the procedure (they have nearly gone now),  I don’t feel like I’ve had anything done at all.

My head is just  “in the right place”.  It’s like a light went on and everything clicked into place!

I’m trying different food types and textures all the time. It’s all very much trial and error and there are lots of things I still can’t tolerate.

I’ve got loads more get up and go. In fact, I’ve just redecorated my hall stairs and landing !!!!  I feel really proud of myself every time I walk into the house 😊.

Deciding to have this procedure was one of the toughest decisions of my life but I’m so glad I did it . The new me is feeling good and the  future is looking bright!


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