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SIZE 12!

It’s been quite a weekend and I’m very happy to report that my weight loss is still going well!

Just less than eighteen weeks ago, I was wearing size 22 clothes. I bought a new pair of trousers on Saturday……size 12!

I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous that feels!

I kept checking the label to see if there was a mistake. When I see them on the hanger in my wardrobe, I can’t believe that those tiny trousers actually fit me!

I noticed something else this weekend too.

I was soaking in the bath the other night       and it suddenly dawned on me. I now have so much more room in the tub! I can swish around enjoying the bubbles and it’s so much easier to get in and out!

Now I know that this is probably a little too much information, but it’s these little everyday things (usually not spoken about) that make a difference.

These little changes (along with the not so little ones) all add up to a better, healthier, happier new me!





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