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The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

A lovely hot weekend at last!  

I decided to get my scooter out and go for a ride but what I hadn’t realised was that as I have lost so much weight……… my head has shrunk too!

Very strange I know but I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised given that I have now lost the grand total of 3 stone 5 lbs.

 I had a great day out shopping for a new helmet and a new scooter jacket. I’m also pretty sure my scooter is going faster because there is less of me on it.              Scooter posh girl Free Vector

Talking of shrinking – my feet have dropped a shoe size too!!     


I used to worry that having a sleeve gastrectomy would have a negative impact on my social life but it most definitely has not!

I was out at a lovely restaurant on Saturday night and I had Sea bass with vegetables and really enjoyed it.

I also hosted my first barbecue of the year this weekend. I got all the usual stuff for everyone else and I made myself a small chicken fillet with salad. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even look at a burger or sausage for myself. I didn’t feel deprived and it didn’t bother me cooking them for everyone else. It was just so nice to be out in the sun with family and friends having a laugh and socialising.

Hopefully it will not be the last barbecue I host this year – British weather permitting!


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Slow but steady wins the race!

Another day, another dollar or in my case…….. another week, another pound!

I am feeling great!

I’m eating all normal foods now – a healthy well balanced eating plan, although I’ve not had a steak yet.

To be honest I’ve not missed red meat at all. Before my Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure I was a major carnivore. Now, if there is a choice of fish or meat on the menu, I always choose fish. My tastes have really changed



My weight loss has slowed down a bit but I’m still happy. I lose around a pound a week on average. The point is, it’s continually coming off and not going on! Think about it… that will still be almost a stone lost in the next three months.

I went to see some old friends at the weekend who I’ve not seen for about eight months. They couldn’t believe my transformation. It made me realise more than ever that all the hard work has been worthwhile.

What a fabulous weight loss tool this is and how fantastic Tina and the NOSC team have been with their advice and support!