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The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

A lovely hot weekend at last!  

I decided to get my scooter out and go for a ride but what I hadn’t realised was that as I have lost so much weight……… my head has shrunk too!

Very strange I know but I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised given that I have now lost the grand total of 3 stone 5 lbs.

 I had a great day out shopping for a new helmet and a new scooter jacket. I’m also pretty sure my scooter is going faster because there is less of me on it.              Scooter posh girl Free Vector

Talking of shrinking – my feet have dropped a shoe size too!!     


I used to worry that having a sleeve gastrectomy would have a negative impact on my social life but it most definitely has not!

I was out at a lovely restaurant on Saturday night and I had Sea bass with vegetables and really enjoyed it.

I also hosted my first barbecue of the year this weekend. I got all the usual stuff for everyone else and I made myself a small chicken fillet with salad. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even look at a burger or sausage for myself. I didn’t feel deprived and it didn’t bother me cooking them for everyone else. It was just so nice to be out in the sun with family and friends having a laugh and socialising.

Hopefully it will not be the last barbecue I host this year – British weather permitting!


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