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The decision to have a gastric balloon fitted


Dear Diary

Today I made the decision to have a gastric balloon fitted. I am excited and I am dreading it at the same time.

Some years ago, I had my first gastric balloon fitted at my local hospital and the memories of being awake and only lightly sedated during the procedure are not pleasant. I was also so disappointed in the aftercare, and really struggled to get the medication right to control the side effects. It took weeks for me to feel comfortable. Needless to say, the 2 stone that I lost over the course of those 6 months went straight back on afterwards.

Now I am at the same point again weight-wise and I berate myself for having got this big again. I have very few clothes that still fit me and I am uncomfortable. I didn’t mind being a curvy size 14, but in reality I am now trying to squeeze a size 18 body into my size 14 clothes.

I can make a million excuses for my weight, and people are so understanding of those excuses.

Because I am nearly 6’ tall, they say “you carry your weigh so well, you don’t need to diet’.

My excuses – Because I balance work and being a mother to four young children, of course I was too busy to diet, because I had survived thyroid cancer four years ago, of course now my metabolism was even slower, because I have advanced osteoarthritis in my knees, of course I couldn’t exercise much.

Well, dear diary, I have had enough. I want to turn my excuses into reasons for losing weight!

I want to reduce the load my knees have to bear,  I want to eat more healthily so that I can manage my energy levels better and I want to show my children what healthy eating looks like.

I also think that  because of all my obstacles, it may take me longer to get to a healthy weight  and so I need to have a long-term plan.

I was so excited to find that a 12-month balloon existed and I emailed the two nearest places

that offered this procedure. I was already impressed with the aftercare on offer at NOSC, it seemed just so much better than my previous experience. I had an immediate response to me email, and also spoke to Rob at the support centre who answered all my questions, and I just knew I was going to be in much better hands, so I booked myself in!

I cannot wait to get started but I am a little anxious about the procedure and the first few days with the balloon.

I’ll write more when I can!


Here is a  a photo of me now, weighing in at 15 stone 2 1/2 pounds.

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My procedure has been booked

Dear Diary


My procedure has been booked to take place in May and I have moved all my work forward so that I can take a few days off after I have my balloon fitted.

My pack of information and medicines arrived within two days of making the booking and I spent a few evenings getting to grips with the different medicines I would have to take beforehand and afterwards. I can’t get over the fact that all the medicines for the 12 months are supplied for me!  Last time, I had to purchase them all myself over the counter wherever I could.

I am so impressed by the thoughtfulness of the pack – medicines to prepare your stomach, dissolvable tablets for afterwards and even a little card to take to restaurants to explain why you need to order smaller portions. The information booklet is so well written, I read it a couple of times.

The thing I like most is the little paper tea plate which will be my new portion control guide. It seems so small and it really brought home how much I overeat at the moment. I can’t quite believe that this tiny plate will hold an entire meal for me!

Anyway, I will write again once the balloon is in!



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The day of my procedure!

Dear Diary

The day of my procedure!

It was an early start, by 7am I was admitted.

The hospital was beautiful and my room was more like a hotel room and overlooked some converted stables. All the nurses were so nice and friendly and no-one judged me for being there for weight-loss treatment.

The first thing I learnt was that I would have a general anaesthetic for the procedure. I was SO relieved as I had been worrying about being awake like last time. The anaesthetist and the consultant came to talk to me and I was first on the list,  so I was down in the operating theatre before I knew it!

The next thing I knew was waking up with a lovely nurse called Chris. I had a drip in my arm and was wheeled back up to my room where my husband was waiting. I couldn’t believe how well I felt! After a few hours, the nurses encouraged me to take a few small sips of water  and then,  my balloon made its presence felt!  Even though I had not eaten or drunk anything since the night before, I could not cope with more than a few sips before feeling completely full.

All my medicines were administered through the drip and I was given a big bag of even more tablets and instructions when I was discharged. When the nurses found out that I had an hour’s journey in the car to get home, they gave me lots of sick bowls and a bottle of water to sip and they dosed me right up with medicines. I had drunk some water and apple juice and I was beginning to get quite uncomfortable.

The drive home was interesting… I just could not get comfortable and I was very queasy. My husband tells me it was like driving a woman in labour!

I was finally violently sick and then felt better. When we got home, I was sick again. My stomach had decided that it was going to get rid of this balloon come what may! Thankfully, I knew that this was normal because the NOSC staff,  the information leaflets and the nurses had prepared me for this.

I’m not sure I am going to get much sleep tonight, but I just have to be patient and let the balloon bed in.


I will let you know how I get on!