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My name is Sophie and I would like to share my weight loss story with you.


My name is Sophie and I would like to share my weight loss story with you.

I had my balloon placed last Saturday after a week of trepidation and excitement!

After struggling with my ever increasing waistline for several years, I finally made the decision to have a gastric balloon.  I had found myself declining invitations to go out with my friends and avoiding the camera at family parties. I knew I couldn’t carry on like this as my weight was having a massive impact on every aspect of my life and I was feeling more and more unhappy.

I started work at the NOSC last year, so I knew all about the procedure and wanted one almost from the day I started work. I finally managed to save up enough money and booked myself in!

I have decided not to tell my family and friends because some of them just don’t understand and one or two have voiced the opinion that this is too drastic for me or that doing something like this is taking the easy way out!  They just don’t appreciate how badly my life has been affected by my extra weight so I plan to surprise them all in six months time when I have reached my goal with the help of the balloon and the Support Team here.


Here are my before pictures…






In the week before my procedure I thought I would take this last chance to have a feast, and I did!  I ate what I wanted and drank a bottle or two of my favourite tipple, Prosecco. The Easter eggs didn’t stand a chance! By Thursday I was feeling like a little piggy but boy….. it was fun!

On Tuesday I started taking my pre-procedure medications, they just help to prepare your stomach for the balloon. It was quite daunting but when I sat down and read through the instructions it all made sense and was quite straight forward.

On Friday morning I woke up to the realisation that this was my last day and I had to be sensible.  I knew I had to eat light meals to prepare for the big day.  It was a bit of a shock to the system after my week of being naughty but it had to be done. I had a very light supper and went to bed full of good intentions and very excited about the thought of all the weight I am going to lose over the next 6 months.

I woke up starving and extremely thirsty! All I wanted was a lovely cup of tea but as I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything, I had to resist.

I arrived at the hospital. It was amazing, very clean and bright. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful. The porter arrived and escorted me to my room, it was almost like a hotel room, lovely.

I read a couple of magazines for an hour or so while I waited to see Dr. Mason. When the doctor arrived, he was very honest with me. He told me that I would probably experience quite severe side effects, sickness, vomiting and stomach cramps etc for the next week or so. He asked a few medical questions and told me to ‘gown up’ and wait to be taken to theatre.

The nurse arrived a little later and off I went.

Everybody in theatre was so nice and really helped me to relax. Dr Mason told me I would feel a sharp scratch in my left hand and then joked that he would give me a bottle of gin! (sedation).

The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery asking if the procedure had been done yet. I stayed in my private room, dozing on and off for a few hours until my mum collected me and took me home with her.  The journey home wasn’t too bad as I live quite close to the hospital and I was soon settled on the sofa with a blanket and bucket!

I felt fine until teatime when I began to feel a bit nauseous.  I was only sick once that evening.  I went to bed and slept like a baby.

On Sunday I felt quite nauseous and could only drink sips of water.  It was a lovely day so I sat in the garden and sucked an ice lolly (one of the tips the Support Team gave me to help maintain hydration).

I had booked Monday off work thinking I would be feeling awful but to my surprise, I was well enough to go in.  By this time I had progressed  to thin, clear soups as well as water.

I was off work on Tuesday and so I spent the day relaxing and catching up on the soaps. The sickness had almost passed and I was feeling a lot better.

On Wednesday I started to feel a little hungry so I spoke to Julie in Support who advised me to try to stick to liquids for another day or two to allow my body to get used to the balloon. By Wednesday evening I decided to risk trying something more than liquids and I knew that the first step should be to eat something soft and bland so I had a small piece of boiled cod fillet and a poached egg.  I went to bed early, around 9pm and as I lay there I realised that I felt really full and bloated. I had eaten a tiny meal compared to what I was eating pre-balloon and I felt stuffed! The balloon was working!  Yay!!!

Today is Thursday and I am feeling great, on top of the world! I realised this morning that I haven’t had a drop of wine all week and I am feeling much better for it. I’m sleeping really well and waking up every morning as fresh as a daisy. The balloon has already changed my life.

I even dared to step on the dreaded scales this morning; I am 4lbs lighter already. As my friend pointed out, the balloon probably weighs about 2lbs so in reality, I have probably lost around 6lbs! That’s nearly half a stone in less than a week!


Watch this space………

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My balloon has been in place nearly three weeks now and so far so good.

My balloon has been in place nearly three weeks now and so far so good.

I weighed myself this morning and I have lost an amazing 10lbs! I can’t tell you how much better I am feeling about myself already and I’ve still got over five months to go plus six months aftercare and support once the balloon has been removed.

I was dreading my holiday… I’m going away with a group of girls to Portugal, all of them skinny minnies! I was wondering how I was going to cope but now, I feel good about myself and stripping down to my bikini isn’t going  to be such a trauma. I can even say that now…. I’m really looking forward to going.

The little bit of sickness that I experienced at the beginning has now completely gone. I am eating normal but healthy food in smaller portions. I do occasionally still feel hungry but Tina ( NOSC Support) has explained why that is and given me some great hints and tips and explained how I need to change my bad eating  habits and learn the difference between hunger and appetite.

Under Tina’s guidance I am trying lots of different foods, some I would never have dreamt of putting near my lips before! To my surprise, I am actually enjoying my new healthy eating regime.

One week away from my hols, I just need to lose another pound or two before I go. I KNOW I can do it! I’m not promising that I won’t have the odd treat or two while I’m away but Tina has even given me some advice about that too.


I’ll let you know how it goes….

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Back From My Hols!

So I went on holiday to Portugal for a week, kind of expecting to put on a few pounds as I knew I would be drinking alcohol.
While on holiday I was shocked to find myself making good food choices, however, when it came to drinks, I was less than restrained. I did quite a lot of walking which I feel probably helped me to avoid too much weight gain and when I got home, the first thing I did was jump on the dreaded scales. To my surprise, I had LOST another pound! I was elated! I know it isn’t a huge loss but I expected to gain weight while I was away so I think that it’s quite an achievement.
I think the balloon was working all the time without me even noticing that I was eating smaller portions and choosing much healthier dishes.

My daughter has been off school for a couple of weeks which I found quite challenging. We have had a lot of days out where junk food was always on offer. Things like burgers, chips, ice cream, soft drinks, always readily available and an easy option for a hungry family. This time though, I didn’t succumb! I found myself thinking about what we would eat the day before we went and making up lovely , healthy picnics. My daughter loved the food and the fact that we sat down on the grass and enjoyed the scrummy food together.
She goes back to school next week so I will have a little more ‘me’ time. I have joined a gym and intend to work out at least three times a week. I have also planned our menu for the next couple of weeks and set aside time preparing a few of the recipes I have found on the Online Support Programme.

So far I have lost 11lbs and now that I’m back to my normal routine, I am going to really stick to the programme and lose some more weight. I have spoken to the NOSC Personal Trainer Luke, and he has designed an Activity Programme for me which will work in conjunction with my gym workouts. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Well, here we are, nearly 10 weeks into my Gastric Balloon Programme.

I promised to let you know how things were going once I had really started my gym and activity programmes. To be honest, I was a little disappointed this week because my weight hasn’t dropped anymore. I’ve spoken to Tina (Support Team) and she has told me that as I am probably building up muscle, which weighs more than fat, I shouldn’t worry about the pounds too much at this stage.

I am feeling a lot fitter and bursting with bags of energy! I think my body shape has improved quite a lot too. I’m even beginning to see a bit of a six pack developing I think!

Take a look at my new pictures… what do you think?

As for my eating regime, I am working really hard to stick to the programme. Getting organised is the hardest part for me, planning my meals and doing the shopping has to fit in around my job and running around after my daughter. I’m cooking in batches and really trying to plan ahead. I am now following the low GI diet and it seems to be helping me to stay satisfied for longer between meals.

I’ve also been measuring myself and next time, I’ll let you know how many inches I have lost!

Just before I sign off…

Here is my rear.. before and now. Spot the difference!

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The Last Post!


Well, it’s been a while since I last updated my diary. I suppose that’s because I have had such a busy summer.
I went away on holiday again. I can’t tell you how lovely it feels to walk down to the beach feeling great in my bikini, rather than trying to cover everything up! I gained a couple of pounds again while I was away but within a week I had my eating (and drinking) back under control with the help of Tina and the online support programme. I have now lost two and a half stone and feel that I have reached my ideal weight.

This is my most recent photograph, taken by my dad last weekend. I have had so many positive comments from my friends and family, it makes it all seem so worthwhile. I know I am going to have to work hard to maintain my weight loss once the balloon has been removed but I am confident that the changes I have made to my lifestyle and everything I have learnt from the programme will keep me on track.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year, I know I will be able to wear ANYTHING I like and not have to worry about how I look…. that’s because I look FAB in anything now!

If you are thinking about having a Gastric Balloon there is just one thing I would like to say to you….

GO FOR IT! I’m sure you will not regret it!