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It’s a learning curve!

I’ve just completed my first full week back at work and it’s been really good.

People are really seeing a difference in me and I’ve had lots of  compliments which has been a great morale boost! If you had told me a few weeks ago that I could ever feel so good about myself and my weight, I would never have believed you. I know I’m not there yet but I can see the weight almost melting away!

The pounds don’t always drop as fast as they did at first, but I know I’m still losing weight because  my clothes are getting looser all the time. I can hardly keep pace with my wardrobe! Tina told me that I might not lose weight at a constant rate, it changes as your body adjusts.

At the end of the week I was  pretty tired  but  I suppose that’s to be expected.You always feel tired when you go back to work after a couple of weeks on holiday and I’ve been through surgery as well!

I’ve  been trying to introduce new foods into my diet. At the moment it’s just  trial and error to be honest, it seems my tastes have really changed.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so organised with my eating. I’m so much more aware of my diet and really thinking about what I’m eating. It’s incredible how much I’ve learnt just by listening and talking to the support team at NOSC and then doing a little bit of reading online. I plan my menu a few days in advance, working out if  I’m at home or at work so that I know exactly what to take with me each day.  That way, there’s no impulse buying when I’m wandering around the supermarket (not that I’m really tempted now) and no need to nip out to the shop at lunch time.

A typical evening meal for me now would be about a third of a salmon fillet, one new potato and a little veg, perhaps followed by half a pot of yogurt a little later on because I can’t fit it in straight away! Things are still very new, I’m still learning  and adapting to my new way of eating. It’s going to take quite a bit of getting used to! Well worth the effort though!


I know what you’re thinking…. never mind all that, how much has she lost?   Well so far, I have lost the grand total of 24 pounds!   That’s just 4 pounds short of two stones! I can’t believe it!


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Time Flies!

Time really flies!  I can’t believe it’s almost five weeks since my operation.

Everything is getting back to normal now. My incisions are all nicely healed  and much to my children’s relief I have stopped complaining about wind! Actually, the gas was the most uncomfortable part of the whole process for me. They inflate the abdomen  during the operation so they can see what they are doing and it can be a little bit uncomfortable waiting for it to dissipate. Fortunately, Tina (NOSC Support Team) had the perfect solution. She told me to drink peppermint tea. It worked and now I am totally hooked!

So far  I have lost 27 1/2 pounds! That’s just eight onces less than two stone!  I am so pleased!

I have found the last couple of weeks a little hard in a way I that I hadn’t expected though. It’s almost like my head and my body are having a Mexican stand off. My brain is still telling me to go for  large portions and my stomach is saying no! It’s a strange feeling. If I was simply dieting,  then by now, I would have  definitely cheated and felt terrible afterwards. We all know how it goes, you diet, you get bored or fed up, you eat, you feel guilty and then you eat some more to make yourself feel better again. It’s a vicious cycle. I did it for years. Now that I’ve had my op, everything has changed. I’ve broken that cycle. Yes, my brain still wants to go for the large portion sometimes but now it’s under control, I have built in willpower with the sleeve and working with the support team is really helping me to retrain my brain and adopt new eating habits. It’s a whole new approach to food. I’m finding it easier everyday. I know that in a few more weeks my mind and body will  be in harmony and I probably won’t even think about it anymore. I’m told it takes around two months for new behavior to become automatic, around sixty-six days for your brain to forget your old habits and cravings,  so not long to go now, I’m almost there! 😊


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Feeling Energised!

Well they are off !

It’s official…… the surgical socks have gone to the great sock bin in the sky 😊 I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be rid of them but in the grand scheme of things, the socks were just a minor niggle. It’s been MORE than worth it!

I’m six weeks in now.  Who would have  believed (certainly not me! ) that I would have lost 31 pounds already? I’ve smashed through my second target which was 28 pounds!   It’s unreal!

I feel fantastic! I’m amazed how quickly everything is becoming so much easier to do, I’ve found  that I have so much more energy now. My house work is taking half the time it used to and if you’re anything like me and DON’T find housework therapeutic,  this is an excellent bonus!

I have even been out shopping for some new clothes which was really strange. I  found myself looking for my old size. I can’t quite believe that I have dropped two to three dress sizes so quickly. It’s a lot to get my head round and old habits die hard.  This weight loss has opened a whole new world of clothes shops for me and of course, once I had my new clothes I wanted to go out too! I used to dread going out, always worrying about what I would wear, but not any more!

I’m even managing to dine out now! We all went out for a family meal last week. I chose a small starter portion for my main course. It was just great to go out and be in that lovely relaxed atmosphere, and for me,  for the first time, it was about socialising and not about the food.

One of the main things I was dreading was food shopping, especially  the “big shop”. I needn’t have worried though, it was absolutely fine. It takes me a little longer now, but that’s because I really have to think about what I’m buying. When you are eating such small amounts, it makes  you really think about the quality of food you are buying and the choices you make. Also,  because my meals are smaller it’s made my whole household reevaluate their portion sizes. My girls have said that when they first looked in the fridge, shortly after my op, they thought  they where in Lilliput because of all the miniature separate portions!  Unexpectedly,  they have lost weight too! That’s because we are all more conscious about what and how much we are eating…… and that can’t be bad!


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One for the ladies!

Well you all know about me dropping dress sizes but I failed to mention my bra size!

I think I tried to block it out and cling to my old bras for as long as possible, trying to put off the dreaded bra shop!        

Most women will relate to this, it has to be the most dreaded shopping trip on a ladies agenda, however, having dropped from a 38DD to a 36D in just two months,  this shopping trip couldn’t be put off any longer. It wasn’t as bad as expected actually, in fact, it was lovely to have more choice and not feel so embarrassed about my size. If I’m truthful, it was totally amazing!

Not only that…. I feel so different now. I have tons of energy and so much more confidence! I am LOVING the new me. I actually feel healthy and happy and unbelievably…. taller. How weird is that?

I’m only two months in and so pleased to  see all these positive changes already. I’m also happy to tell you that  I can start trying new foods now too.

I’ll  let you know how I get on next time.


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Food Glorious Food!

I promised you an update about my progress with food, so here goes…….

When I first started this diary I was on my pre-op diet which was really hard at first. I had shakes and no food for two whole weeks. I could have chosen one of the other options but the shakes seemed to suit my lifestyle best.  As I said at the time, I didn’t think I would get through it, but I surprised myself because I did and it got easier as I went along. After my surgery,  I moved onto liquids and pureed food for a while. Two months in,  I am now trying new things.

It’s  all trial and error at the moment and I’m finding that there are certain things that I can’t manage. My usual day starts with  scrambled egg, porridge or weetabix for breakfast. I even  had  an omelette one day!  NOSC say that I can now  have half a piece of brown toast with no crust so I tried it with  scrambled  egg.  I felt quite uncomfortable so I haven’t eaten toast since. I think I’m just not ready yet, maybe it was a little too early.

For lunch I have soup or tuna on cracker bread. It’s tasty and  easy to eat at work.

I’ve tried lots of things for dinner. As advised by the support team, I use a side plate and always put a small amount of protein, carbs and vegetables on there. I have something like fish, ham or chicken, a small portion of potato and a small portion of vegetables or beans.

I know this might sound like quite a lot,  and to be honest I don’t very often manage to eat it all but I just feel more normal with it on my plate, especially when I’m with my family.  My trick is to eat the protein first, then the veg and then I almost never have enough room for the carbs. I always put very small amounts on my plate though as otherwise I become over faced.

As I said, it’s all trial and error but I’m learning  fast. This is not only about the food I choose but also about the quantity I put on my plate.

If I’m ever not sure about what I’m eating, or if I want to try something new, I phone Tina at NOSC first just to check. It’s  good job they are still there to talk to at dinner time!

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Life is fantastic, I’m not invisible anymore!

I am still doing well and have lost over two and a half stone now! The difference this weight loss has made to my life is fantastic.

I’m enjoying having a social life and  really enjoying making plans. When I think about all the things I put off doing  because of the extra pounds I was carrying around I feel so silly for waiting so long!  Everything was a struggle.

One of the things I’ve noticed that has really shocked me is how other people treat me differently now I am a “normal weight. ” I thought maybe it was just me being over sensitive  but I’ve spoken to other people about this and it’s true! People do look at you and treat you differently when you are overweight. How a person can be  more than fifteen stones and  invisible is beyond me, but that is exactly what happens. Poor attitudes and poor service , both are  very common experiences for overweight or obese people. I have been embarrassed  by both in shops and restaurants myself, many times! I can’t believe how different I feel when I’m out and about now.

One of the best things about this op is that I have tons more energy now. I went out shopping on Saturday and parked the car in the multistory car-park. I do always try and walk down the stairs but when we got back at the end of the day the lift was broken ! I walked up four flights of stairs without stopping halfway! Now don’t get me wrong,  I didn’t run up them but it was so nice to get to the top without thinking I was going to have a cardiac arrest or being so out of breath that it hurts!

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The future is bright!

Well here we are, eleven weeks on.  How fast has that gone?

It’s very strange. Although I’ve got the marks to prove I’ve had the procedure (they have nearly gone now),  I don’t feel like I’ve had anything done at all.

My head is just  “in the right place”.  It’s like a light went on and everything clicked into place!

I’m trying different food types and textures all the time. It’s all very much trial and error and there are lots of things I still can’t tolerate.

I’ve got loads more get up and go. In fact, I’ve just redecorated my hall stairs and landing !!!!  I feel really proud of myself every time I walk into the house 😊.

Deciding to have this procedure was one of the toughest decisions of my life but I’m so glad I did it . The new me is feeling good and the  future is looking bright!


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Not so lardy now!

I’ve been feeling quite tired this week.   I am due a B12 injection and when I spoke to the support team at NOSC, they said feeling tired is completely normal. Speaking to Tina really set my mind at rest. She told me that it is just my body’s way of letting me know that I’m ready for the B12. That made me think, and  I realized that three months has gone by already! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since my op.

People who haven’t seen me for a couple of months are VERY surprised when we meet. I was shocked when my cousin walked straight past me last weekend in a shop! It really brings home to me how much my face and body have changed.

People who know me would tell you that I have a bit of a mischievous sense of humour, so when a lady in the salon was saying how great I looked and asking me me how much weight I’d lost I couldn’t resist……..When she  asked what I had cut out to lose all that weight….of course I couldn’t help but reply…… my stomach !!! You should have seen her face! 

On a more serious note, when I was first considering having this procedure, I felt quite embarrassed at the thought of telling people I was having bariatric surgery. I was the same just after my op too. Now, I’m MORE than happy to tell anybody about it. In fact I tell anyone who will listen because of how fantastic it has been for me. I haven’t felt this good…….. this confident, for years!

Weight Update:  So far I have lost 42lbs !  That’s 3 st!!   Amazing!

Imagine 42 of these strapped around your middle!  Makes you think doesn’t it?

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I’ve got my mojo back!

I’m so happy to announce that my mojo has returned!

I was feeling a bit low last week  but I’m much brighter now. I had my B12 injection and a few days later I felt much better, it definitely did the job!

I’ve had quite a few things going on recently and I can’t tell you how much better I feel going out with my new found confidence.

I had a wedding to attend which was a great excuse for a new outfit, it was lovely to go shopping with so much more choice and to be able to shop in the “thin shops ” .

Here I am, all dressed up in my new clothes!

Roberta Wedding April 2016

I also had the confidence to fly on my own this week. This is from someone who wouldn’t go to the shops on her own before!

I even went to a music festival! This is definitely a whole new me because four months ago I wouldn’t have dared to dream that I could be this independent, confident person.


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Good old British summer!

The good weather is finally here!!

It was great to get out in the sunshine but I soon realised that I now have no summer clothes that fit me. I’m not where I want to be yet on the weight / BMI front, but it’s a great excuse to buy a few things, even if we do only have  four nice days forecast!

My total weight loss so far is 3 stone 2lbs.


I was surprised to notice over the weekend how well I’m dealing with the heat now. I feel so much better, I’m not so sweaty and uncomfortable and I don’t need to be next to a fan all the time.

I’ve been out with friends quite a few times over the past couple of weeks for lunch and dinner. I’m getting really good at making healthy food choices when eating out and have also noticed that I’m choosing things off the menu that I wouldn’t normally eat (pre-sleeve) and I am really enjoying them. I’ve broadened my horizons on the food front without even realising it.

I’m finding life so much easier all round now and feeling so much happier with myself.

So if anybody reading my diary can relate to what I have written and is still thinking about having the sleeve procedure, my advice would be go for it!